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Peia Luzzi is an American born song collector, writer and multi-instrumentalist based in the mountains of Southern Oregon. Like water from a deep well, she draws inspiration from her ancestral roots of Celtic and Old World European folk music.

With the voice of a lark, Peia dances nimbly from Child Ballads and 17th C. Gaelic laments, to Waulking Songs, and Bulgarian mountain calls. She has traveled extensively over the past 10 years to uncover melodies wrinkled and wise with time, laboring to honor their language and stories, while bringing a piece of herself to each song she carries.

“The organic sounds of birds twinkle with the steady drone of a harmonium, pulling you into the album like a tractor beam. Peia’s voice soars like the wind as she sings a love letter to our 
Earth and an ode to humanity.” – Huffington Post


WORKSHOP: Song of the Ancients: Voice Cultivation & Embodying the Songs of our Ancestors

Dates:  December 8th -15th, 2019

Workshop Description:

I firmly believe that each one of us has a uniquely powerful voice. A voice that can resound from heaven and earth, bringing harmony and healing to ourselves and the world around us.” –Peia

Join song collector and voice specialist, Peia Luzzi, for an empowering workshop to open the primordial sound within you. Learn to harness the power of your true 
voice and sing with joy and ease. 

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Much of the work that we will do in this workshop will be the work of undoing limitations and limiting thoughts. Of opening the body, deepening the breath and allowing our vessel to resonate and amplify the natural sounds created in the throat. Peia encourages a practice of gentleness rather than force, a practice that harnesses the energy of the breath and vibration of the voice, rather than muscling from the throat. From there you can open easily and reach both the top and bottom of your range with grace.

Together we will learn healthy body alignment for optimal sound production, how to ground and harness the power of the breath from your deep core, and how to tap into the natural resonance 
already in your voice and body. Working with tools from the ancient Indian alchemy of Raga we will enter a meditative practice know as “The Yoga of Sound.”

We will gain deeper understanding of 
the physical inner-workings of the voice from Vocal Pedagogy and learn to sing with grace, power, flexibility and ease. This workshop is beneficial for singers on all stages of the journey, from very beginner to advanced. The first part of this workshop will focus on vocal embodiment and cultivation tools, and the second part will focus on learning and singing a traditional song.

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Workshop Benefit:

It is an honor to return to Rythmia Life Advancement Center to be a presenter and participant in a place of such beauty, tranquility and healing. 

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This workshop will explore symbolical tools for liberating your inner creator and cultivating personal transformation based in spontaneous art, theatre, character development and dream symbolism.

Creative play and trust in spontaneity are necessary to navigate and draw forth inspired states that mentor our development and 
self awareness. The 
exploration and manifestation of creative consciousness is a skill set that can be developed, like learning how to cultivate inner characters as the actor does.

This workshop 
will take us beyond belief into embodiment and explore profound symbolical wisdom at the heart of who we truly are as humans.

It will open the doors of perception to reveal the operating systems of psyche and soul and the many secret codes and languages that set the stage to trust and liberate your inner creator.

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Here’s what’s included with your 7 or 14-night journey

  • Michael Bernard Beckwith’s “The Answer Is You” Life Transformation Program
  • Yoga
  • Gerard Powell’s About Your Miracle
  • Farm-to-table organic locally-grown food, prepared fresh daily
  • Fresh juices
  • Life coaching
  • Licensed psychological counselors
  • Licensed naturopathic assistance
  • Massage
  • Day spa
  • Costa Rican volcanic mud baths
  • The Dead Sea Cleanse, colon hydrotherapy
  • Meditation instruction
  • Beaches
  • Bicycling

“Rythmia Presents” is a workshop series of interactive experiences with your favorite thought leaders, cultural creatives and change makers to help you activate new thinking and receive inspiration to become more authentic and awakened. As our gift to you, these up close and personal experiences with these luminaries are included in your visit.

Luminaries will interact and share eight hours with guests each week:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 1 – 3 p.m.

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Rythmia specializes in life transformation, health and wellness using the most breakthrough modalities.

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