“Completely life changing”

“Completely life changing”

I went to Rythmia with my sister in December 2016. The first thing we did after checking in was go to see the doctor. The medical staff are so awesome and really not scary. Dr. Jeff really feels like your buddy more than a doctor. Which for me was a good thing because rarely do I meet people in his field and feel comfortable instantly.
After we were cleared by the doctor to do plant medicine we went to get come amazing food. My sister was blown away by the food they had prepared even with sticking to the dieta. I on the other hand am a fruitarian so unfortunately I didn’t get to try everything. But the fruit salad was always great and the last day I was there they had made some raw sushi, plus they always have a basic salad bar. Yum! Oh and I recommend buying there juice cleanse. Totally worth it.
After checking out the food situation we went to our room. It was very clean and cozy. It had everything we needed. The only issue was that our shower water was making a funny sound when first turned on, but after calling the desk, the maintenance staff was there to fix it within minutes. We were very lucky to have a refrigerator in our room. I had heard that not all rooms have one. I used it to save some fresh food for the plane ride home the last day….Plane food is not my favorite. The kitchen staff was very accommodating when I had asked for food for the plane. Our flight was early so I had to get it at dinner the night before.
The one complaint I do have was that our room was right next to the pool and when resting during the day I could hear the pool area music. But really it wasn’t that bad.
Okay now for the life changing part! OMG!!!!!! I went to the integration classes and they really grounded me before doing the ceremony. Yoga was wonderful, and I absolutely loved Paula’s class developed my Michael Beckwith, “The Answer is You”.
I went to the plant integration class to meet with the facilitator. This class is basically a place where you can ask any question you have about the teacher plant. It really got me excited and helped ease my nerves a little bit.
finally the ceremonies, I got so many answers along with a whole new prospective on life. I now truly understand what enlightenment means. I was someone who didn’t think I really needed healing, I thought I was a pretty happy person….. nevertheless I had a calling to this medicine….. Well let me tell you, I learned that everyone needs healing. Healing is wisdom as growth spiritually. Who doesn’t want to evolve? I truly believe plant medicine was put here for human evolution. Go to Rythmia, and learn for yourself.
Stayed December 2016, traveled with family

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